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Stamatia with orange veil by the sea
  • What sort of events/parties do you perform at?
    Whatever your event is we can have a chat about how to incorporate a belly dance show. Examples of events I have performed at are: Weddings Corporate events Hen parties Arabic themed events Mehndi parties Bar/bat mitzvah parties Club nights Graduation parties Christmas parties Birthday parties New Year’s eve Anniversaries Restaurants Dinner Shows From baby showers and children's parties to Gatsy parties, there are endless possiibilities for a magic performance. Dance classes can be added on after a show. Want an compeltely different experience? Book a Tsifteteli party (social Greek belly dancing). I'll give a 40 minute class at the beginning to teach the basic moves of Greek belly dance then we get to dance together to Greek tsifteteli music for another 20 minutes.
  • What is a show like?
    Fun, engaging and energising! What type of event are you planning? Does it suit flowing fabrics or energetic drum solos? Whatever it is, we can customise your bespoke show. The most commonly booked show is one that is 20 minutes in length. It starts with a veil entrance while the audience is seated. For the next music track I’ll use another prop of your choice, such as fanveils, while inviting audience members to join in. You can come and dance with me to the upbeat tracks, shimmy in your seats (I might join you for a seated shimmy!) and clap along. From then on I’ll be dancing with you and your audience to upbeat and fun songs. Depending on the venue, I’d recommend adding a third prop to the show or choosing to end the show with an exciting drum solo. Would your event suit having a break in between shows? You could book two 15 minute sets with a costume change in between. Do you have lots of children at the event? Fanveils are the prop to choose! Children love the flow of fanveils!
  • How long is a show?
    You have plently of options: 10 minutes - a short, sweet surprise for your guests 20 minutes - the most popular show length 30 minutes - delve into the fun and magic of belly dance with Two 15 minute shows with a costume change in between - dazzle your guests Or we can work out a different length depending on what suits you best!
  • What props do you use?
    Veil - included in all shows Stick (Assaya) Single or Double Fanveils LED Fanveils Isis Wings Butterfly Wings Poi
  • How does the pricing work?
    Get in touch with your ideas and we can have a chat about what would suit your show best. Once we've worked out some of the details, I'll be able to give you a quote. Some of the things that can affect the price of a show are: Length of the show Number of props (all prices include a veil entrance) Costume changes Travel time and cost to get to and from the show Date of event e.g. New Year’s Eve shows are considerably more expensive than other dates Venue and audience size (performing for a group of 15 vs 300) Additional preparation time e.g. if you want to pick specific music tracks I can offer discounts for regular work at a venue or for a booking of multiple events. Get in touch with your ideas so we can have a chat.
  • Can I add on a class after a show?
    Yes, after the show I can teach your guests some basic belly dance moves and either have an improvisation session where we all use the moves together or teach a short choreography that you can learn to perform.
  • Can I take photos?
    Yes! You can take as many photos and videos as you like.
  • What style of belly dance do you perform?
    My dancing has Greek, Egyptian, Turkish, Lebanese influences. I grew up in Greece, dancing tsifteteli - the Greek form of belly dance. A social dance where women improvise torso and hip movements either as a solo or while dancing in pairs. So inevitably there will be a Greek 'accent' to my dancing. Over the past 10 years I have trained in Egyptian, Turkish and Lebanese styles by international teachers.
  • Can you provide Covid safe performances?
    Yes! I wear a jewelled mask during my shows. I'm fully vaccinated and if you'd like to see a lateral flow test result on the day just let me know in advance. Usually shows involve dancing with audience members in close proximity. If you'd like social distancing during the show tell me about your venue and we can discuss how to accomplish it. Let me know any concerns you have so we can find a solution.
  • Do you have insurance and a DBS check?
    Yes, I have Public Liability Insurance with Equity and I have a DBS check.
  • What is belly dance?
    Belly dance is an umbrella term for lots of different styles of torso articulated movement which appear across the Middle East, North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Balkans. It is known as Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East) in Arabic and Oryantal Tansi (Dance of the Orient) in Turkish. If you'd like to learn more get in touch to book a class.
  • What is tsifteteli / τσιφτετέλι ?
    Tsifteteli is the Greek form of belly dance. It is a social dance where women improvise torso and hip movements either as a solo or while dancing in pairs. Nowadays men join in the dance too. You'll find people dancing it in tavernas, Greek nightclubs, in their homes and at weddings.

Photo by POV Studio

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